America’s Resort, the Inimitable Greenbrier

West Virginia’s Greenbrier Resort is consistently ranked as one of the best resorts in the world, and few who have experienced the place would argue with that assessment. The resort staff accepts accolades with Southern-style humility. They’re accustomed to praise, including grand titles such as “Best Resort in the U.S.” and “Resort of the Century” […]

Bedford Springs Resort, Pennsylvania

For nearly two centuries, Bedford Springs Resort, in the Allegheny foothills near Bedford, Pennsylvania, was a legendary hotel, a grande dame that sheltered and entertained the country’s elite. Seven sitting U.S. presidents stayed here (President Reagan being the last), and President James Buchanan made it his summer White House in the mid-1800s. He received the […]

Good Morning Vietnam — and Cambodia

Our caddies bowed to us, and we realized they were not like the gravel-voiced, slouch-capped lads who lugged our bags in Scotland and Ireland. We were in Vietnam, a country riding a wave of newfound prosperity and embracing the golf addiction that is sweeping Asia. Female caddies were de rigueur. Nguyen and Ha were swaddled […]

Canada’s Prince Edward Island

Curiosity has brought me more satisfaction than trouble, so I usually indulge it. When Lorie Kane rose to prominence on the LPGA Tour, I wondered how a young woman from a small island in northeastern Canada came to be so good? Could it be the courses she played at home?Determined to find out, a friend […]

Virginia’s Primland Resort

For nearly three decades the 12,000-acre Primland Resort near Meadows of Dan, Virginia, has been devoted to hunting, fishing, sporting clays and horseback/all terrain-vehicle riding on more than 90 miles of wilderness trails. While those sports are still major activities, the opening of The Highland Course in 2006 heralded a new direction for the resort. […]

North Island, New Zealand

When it’s Spring here in the States, it’s Fall in New Zealand—a great time for a golf vacation because the heat of summer is over and the comfort level is just right. It’s a good time for visiting wineries, too, because the fall harvest will be in full swing through May and the winemakers will […]

Golf in the Valley of the Sun

According to the Robb Report, Phoenix-Scottsdale, Arizona, is “America’s Best Place to Live for Golf.” It’s not bad for a visit, either. In fact, I don’t think there’s any better place for a fall or winter golf vacation than the Valley of the Sun. I’ve had the pleasure of visiting Phoenix-Scottsdale in November for two […]

Ireland’s Parkland Gems

At the mention of Irish golf, thoughts usually turn to the country’s spectacular links courses along the western coast. Truth is, there are some equally spectacular parkland courses inland, including the K Club in County Kildare, site of the Ryder Cup September 22-24, 2006. An island slightly smaller than the state of Indiana, Ireland has […]

Homestead for the Holidays

Harness bells jingled merrily as a pair of sturdy black horses drew our carriage deeper into the Allegheny foothills above the Homestead Resort, enveloping us in the aroma of spruce and pine. After a long climb, we stopped on a rise overlooking the hotel. Steam rose from the horses’ warm backs as they rested, snorting […]

Golf in France: a Sampler

“You know, golf originated in France, not Scotland.” When 19th hole golf talk lags, I like to drop this verbal bomb, knowing it’s akin to saying that cowboys originated in Japan rather than the American West. In truth, it’s quite possible that golf (and a number of other stick-and-ball sports) evolved from croquet, a game […]