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Myrtle Beach’s Golf Coast

Myrtle Beach’s greatest attraction may be its 70 miles of wide, sandy beaches, but many of its 14 million annual visitors spend a lot of time trying to avoid sand. Bunker sand, that is. On the 100 courses scattered along the Grand Strand, there are probably as many golfers having fun with their sand wedges […]

Orlando: Golf Till You Drop

The Gaylord Palms Resort and Convention Center is a good place to begin an Orlando odyssey, especially after a winter hiatus when your home course is snowbound. The extraordinary Florida-themed hotel has 1,406 guestrooms ringing a 4 ½-acre glass-domed atrium. Many rooms have balconies overlooking the climate-controlled interior. Shops and restaurants are set among tropical […]

Orlando: Magic Kingdom for Adults

My breath whooshes out, sending a cascade of bubbles toward the water’s surface. One of the passing sharks turns and cruises toward me, mouth agape in an exceedingly toothy grin. He’s so close I could touch him—if it weren’t for the mesh barrier. When he loses interest I swim over to a window, where my […]

Peru: So Many Mysteries, So Little Time

Machu Picchu, Peru’s “Lost City of the Incas,” made my life list when I was in junior high school. Now, at the end of my sixth decade, I’ve focused more intently on my “must see” goals — Egypt’s pyramids, Cambodia’s Angkor Wat, China’s Great Wall, the Rwandan mountain gorillas, etc. With the turmoil in the […]